Friday, May 18, 2012

Zero Tolerance Doesn't Work

I've known this for a long time: Zero Tolerance is no deterrent to anything - but perhaps especially bullying. Zero Tolerance is just code for intolerance with a 'z'. And as we all know, the intolerance is too often directed at the person being bullied, rather than the bully.

In the following article, Carolyn Laub, founder of Gay-Straight Alliance Network, tells you exactly why it doesn't work, and more importantly, offers another, and perhaps better, way to deal with school bullying. It takes so long for this kind of thing to filter into the schools, I hope her words will reach the eyes of educators far and wide.

Why Zero Tolerance is Not the Solution to School Bullying


  1. On Mother's Day I was bemoaning the fact that your book was only on Kindle and I have no intention of getting a Kindle. My son informed me that I could just get the Kindle function on my computer. It was so easy! I'm now able to read it online.
    Janice Wagar

  2. Well I certainly hope you like it Janice!