Genta Sebastian's Biography

 Genta Sebastian lives with her wife in the thriving art center of the Twin Cities of Minnesota. A retired professional storyteller and public school teacher, she has decades of experience entertaining audiences of all ages. Living free for a year, she traveled in an RV around the continental US and entertained people from all walks of life. Her love of people, with all their frailty and failings, brings a rich breadth and depth to her characters and settings.

Ms. Sebastian's novels offer hopeful healing with humanity and laughter to a number of emotional, social, and personal issues unique to LGBT families.
Her books include:

* 2015 GCLS AWARD WINNER  Riding the Rainbow - Lily's got two Moms who live out, loud and proud, and Clara's got two Dads living in the closet. When Clara is kidnapped Lily knows she must help rescue her friend. Middle-Grade novel for readers 8-12+

* A Man's Man - When forced to live with his gay father and his boyfriend, R.J. devises a plan to turn his father straight. YA novel for readers 12-16+

* The Boxer Shorts Rebellion - Seventeen-year-old Nick, identified as gay, fights for his life when one of his bullies turns out to be a psychotic killer. YA novel with mature subject matter for readers 16+


  1. Genta! -
    Congrats on winning a Goldie! Way to go!
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    Lori L. Lake,, author of many novels and short story collections including The Gun Series, The Public Eye Mystery Series, and several romance novels. A new anthology, LESBIANS ON THE LOOSE: Crime Writers on the Lam, is just out!

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